LunaTM Tri-proof Linear Luminaire
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Also called as Vapor Tight luminaire, Luna is a highly durable and robust range, absolutely dust and waterproof, designed for garage, workshop, basement and locker rooms, and any other area of application, where harsh conditions have to be countered.

Luna is a super-bright, energy-efficient alternative to traditional tube or strip light fixtures. With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours—5 times as long as fluorescent or metal-halide (MH) fixtures—the LED light reduces costly repairs, disposal fees and the need for replacements. Luna comes with 30W, 55W and 70W. A 30 watts Luna emits 3,900 lumens of cool white illumination—more than the output of 2x 17-watt fluorescent T8 tubes. Its improved end-caps featuring a Quick-Snap system allow for tool-free wiring and assure a very fast and almost effortless installation.






LED Chips Philips Lumileds
Input Voltage AC 100-277V
Color Temperature 3000 / 4000 / 5000K / 5700K/6500K
Beam Angle 120° Frosted Cover
IP & IK Rating IP66 / IK08
Driver Brand E-Lite Driver
Power Factor 0.95 minimum
THD 20% Max
Work Temperature -40°C ~ 45°C / -40°F~ 113°F
Storing Temperature -40°C ~ 80°C / -40°F~ 176°F
Mount Kits Option Pendent Mount / Surfaced mount






Net Weight



















Linear Highbay-Product4


Q1: What are tri-proof lights meaning?

E-LITE: Waterproof, dust-proof, and Vapor-proof

Q2: How to install led tri-proof lights?

E-LITE: There are two ways to install tri-proof light. One is the surfaced mount using the kit on the top of the fixtures to directly install it on ceiling , or to use the attached steel cable to achieve suspension installation. 

Q3: What are led Tri-proof luminaires used for?

E-LITE: LED Tri-proof luminaires are durable and eco-friendly alternative lighting to traditional fluorescent tubes. LED Tri-proof luminaires are designed to withstand severe environments and will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 60%

Q4: What's the life span of a tri proof light?

E-LITE: Long lifespan, through a series of aging tests, the life expectancy can reach >54,000hrs. Energy-saving, led tri-proof light can save 85% energy compared to traditional lamps. Less maintenance, the fixtures are highly resistant to heavy impact, specially designed to withstand harsh conditions and require little maintenance.

Q5: Can your tri-proof light wiring in series?

E-LITE: Yes, 10-15pcs lights can be wired in one circuit. 

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  • E-Lite LED Tri-proof IP66 diffuser fixtures waterproof are the lighting of your choice for many companies. By using energy-efficient dust and waterproof LED lamps, you can save up to 72% energy and thus a lot of money and contribute to a better environment. Luna series ED linear luminaire is LED Tri-proof light with system efficacy 130 lm/W. Ideal lighting product for harsh environments, the Tri-Proof Linear has a powerful combination of being water and dust-proof under ingress protection IP66, as well as being moisture and vapor resistant. This linear light offers 30W, 55W and 70W three wattages with the wide choice of CCT from 2500K to 6500K, meeting the different lighting requested for different applications. With a smooth even-output of lighting, the compacted design of the Tri-Proof Linear is more clean, simply and applied, which is great for applications such as garage, task lighting, shipping mill, classroom, office or other low-clearance/tight environments. With the ability to chain up to 40 fixtures in series together under 277V AC, this way can easy group the fixtures according to the demands on site. Moreover, the lightweight design on whole fixture, more convenient for installation and transportation, which can improve efficient of installation and saving the cost in labor and logistics.   

    Luna series tri-proof linear light replaces up to 200W fluorescent tubes and is an attractive and durable lighting solution. It is built with a soft polycarbonate diffused lens and advanced aluminum heat sink for superior heat dissipation.

    5 year warranty backed directly from company which founded in 2008

    Tri-Proof: Vapor tight, watertight, and dust-tight  

    Water-proof design does not rely on adhesives which can fail over time

    Rated IP66

    Output of 3900~9100 lumens

    Equipped with of good material and engineered with quality,

    Units utilize clips for surface mount and/or pendant

    Water-proof ends made fixture chain connection from 6 to 40 fixture

    Classical white color is suitable for the most of applications

    70 CRI source enhances color and clarity

    Smooth, even distribution, spreads light out over entire surface

    Polycarbonate light diffuser produces smooth, even light output

    Typical payback of 6 – 20 months

    We offer you LED lights as professional lighting solutions, which can be adapted to your special requirements, e.g. Company premises, transshipment terminals, parking lots, marshalling areas, sports fields, petrochemical plants, warehouses and storage facilities, cold stores and high temperature facilities, underground garages and tunnels.

    CE, RoHS, ETL, DLC supported this series

    - System light efficacy 130 LPW

    - Slim design with typical white housing

    - Easily hook up luminaires in serial with any length of wire

    - In door two mounts on the wall and ceiling, and suspended mount made clients more choose on site.

    - Linkable for Easy Installation

    - Applications included but not limited to

    ★ Garage lighting
    ★ Office lighting
    ★ General task lighting
    ★ Retail environments
    ★ Commercial
    ★ Inspection lighting
    ★ Warehouse lighting

    Replacement Reference Energy Saving Comparison
    30W LUNA LINEAR LIGHT 70 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 60% saving 
    55W LUNA LINEAR LIGHT 125/150 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 66.7% saving
    70W LUNA LINEAR LIGHT 250 Watt Metal Halide or HPS 72% saving


    Type Mode Description
    SF01 SF01 Surfaced mount
    SP2 SP2 Suspend mount
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